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D.R.U.M. Networks mission is to connect families, youth and individuals with vital information about economic and financial development in the world, with the hope that communities are able to gain financial freedom, stability and sustainability.

Over the years he has watched currency and international trade, in 2016 he began to study the development of the Blockchain and the movement of Cryptocurrency. He is compelled to offer the information learned to his community and international network.


Menes Yahudah is an, Artist and Cultural Arts Educator.  An Ethnomusicologist in his own right, having studied West African drumming in USA and abroad in the African countries such as: Guinea, Senegal, Gambia and the Ivory Coast, for the purpose of both performance and study.  He has also travelled internationally to Asia and the Caribbean. His career has span over 35 years. Over the years, he has continued to perform with numerous professional companies and ensembles. In 2006, Menes received the Maryland Apprenticeship Grant to Baile McKnight [a Master Drum Craftsman, Drummer, Folklorist, and Educator], through the Maryland State Arts Council. Menes also spent many years studying under, Master Drummer Mamady Keita (and other village drummers during his numerous visits to the continent of Africa). Yahudah is the Founder and CEO of Urban Foli Djembe Orchestra Performing Arts, Inc.